College: To Go, or Not to Go? That is the Question.

By Matt Arias

As we all begin the new semester, we start to organize ourselves and our schedules in such a way that we can adapt to our new routines.  Stress is a natural and common  feeling to experience during this process. However, is the painful stress that college brings worth it?

In a very recent online article from the Miami Herald, the cost of college and how much it will really do for your career is called into question.

For example, Gabriela Wisniewski who is quoted in the article has $120,00 in loans. She has graduated from college and is working in the field that she loves.  Unfortunately, her salary does not allow her to pay her monthly bills.  She is not living at home with her parents, and life is quite difficult for her.  I will use this as pure motivation for my next three years here at Lasell.  I want to make the best out of the money being spent, and do everything I can to ensure that I will be coming out of college with the best career I can get.  And of course, I am not the only one who thinks this way.

“I definitely am worried about having a good career, especially if the economy doesn’t turn around,” said Ryan Langell, a 19 year-old Sports Communication student at Lasell.  “Yeah, I think the cost will be worth it.  At least I hope so.”


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