Construction Racket

By Paige Seavey

While students are settling into the fall semester here at Lasell, they will notice many changes to the campus. For example, there are newly paved roads, a couple of re-named buildings, and the new Donahue Center. But one change in particular is hard not to notice, scratch that hard-not to hear. It is the constant construction by Bragdon hall. Considering the school is expanding, I understand there is a need to create more dorms for the increasing number of incoming students, but you don’t want to drive the current students away do you?

For anyone that lives in Bragdon, Buttersworth or the Campus Center, you know what I’m talking about. The construction noise is constant, starting in the early hours of the morning and continuing throughout the day. You are constantly woken up by the sounds of drills, machines or construction workers yelling.

“Sometimes I don’t even set my alarm for the morning because the noise from the construction wakes me up”, said Lasell College junior Kate-Lyn Eadie. It is hard not only to sleep but also it is hard to get any work done because of the ridiculously loud noise. I personally am not paying an extra $6,650 dollars to enjoy the not so calming sounds of construction on a daily basis.

This also makes me question how the residents of the houses feel near the construction area about the noise. Why did Lasell not think of doing this over the summer when no one lives on campus is a mystery to me. Even though I am unhappy with the noises that surround my living space, I do enjoy many other things Lasell offers, this is just not one of them.


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