Facebook Continues Additions & Launches Subscribe Option

By JoeyVento

Facebook has recently launched their “Subscribe” button to follow anyone’s public updates. So, what does this mean?

Users hoping to gain an audience may enjoy this feature because it makes it much easier to update statuses and be reached without having to accept friend requests. Anyone can now subscribe to a page or profile updates.

With a “Friend” label users are able to block updates from showing up on news feeds, but now subscribers can choose exactly what they want to appear in their news feed without blocking others completely. The new subscribe feature is probably most useful for journalists or artists, to let users follow their work- but it is open to everyone.

With the recent buzz of Google+, Facebook is making adjustments. With the new subscribe option, reduced email notifications option, as well as the revamped friend lists, it’s hard to tell if Facebook is trying to find answers to compete with what Google+ releases or if they’re still the trendsetters.

I have personally started to appreciate the decrease in notification emails. But what are you’re thoughts on these new options? Which ones are helpful and which ones are useless? Comment and let us know.


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