Lasell Freshmen

By Kevin Paul

It’s a new year and with every new year comes new freshmen. I remember my first year at Lasell College, a lot of great times.  I remember it was pretty tough adjusting to the college lifestyle. Lots of homework assignments, late nights, meeting new people, time management, loud kids at night and the cafeteria closing so early made it kind of hard to adjust. So, I was wondering how the new freshmen were adjusting to this life.

I went to Woodland Hall, a freshmen dorm, and took a walk inside. Inside Woodland I met a new student, freshman Beau Larson, and asked him how he liked Lasell thus far – given that it was only his first two weeks. Eighteen-year-old Larson told me,”Yeah the cafeteria food isn’t that great and it could be open longer, I really don’t get hungry until later… and its going pretty good so far.”

I also asked Larson how he likes living on his own here at Lasell and dealing with the responsibility of getting all of his work done. Larson said, ” It’s really getting hard for me, my mom always stayed on my back about homework but here no one cares. You have to make sure it gets done or you’ll fail out, it’s kind of scary.”

He laughed after saying that, but it is true. It is scary, it’s a tough responsibility.  It was fun seeing how some of the freshmen kids are adjusting to the college life and it made me reminisce about my freshman year at Lasell College.


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