Lasell Parking

By Katelyn Cross

Lasell College does a really good job at making things more difficult than they need to be. For example: parking. If you ask anyone from other schools how much they pay to have their car on campus, most will tell you less than $100. If those same people ask me how much I pay to have my car on the Lasell campus, my response is $530. Yes, you read that correctly, FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS! As if nearly $40 thousand a year in tuition wasn’t enough, Lasell gets to squeeze another half of a grand out of us broke college kids.

Although, this is not the only issue, you have to deal with availability. I understand that Lasell is a small school, so there is limited parking. Also, the construction of the new dorm building eliminated more space. For the most part, I’m in favor of  assigned parking lots, but with that being said, this system does have its flaws. With limited assigned parking, I’m only allowed to park where I have a sticker or at the dining hall, without getting ticketed. If I need to run to the library and I park in that building’s lot,  I’ll get a ticket if I’m in the wrong lot. Not a $5 or $10 ticket, but a $25 ticket! One, not a big deal, two or three and they add up. Not only is Lasell taking $530 a year from me to have my car there, but if I happen to be in the wrong place, they reach into my pocket and take more of my hard-earned cash.

“I just think that it would be so much more reasonable if Lasell would only ticket when absolutely necessary,” Junior, Rebecca Gooch said about her increasing ticket count. Assigned parking lots should be for overnight use only. Basically, if I park in an unassigned lot for an hour of class, and there are plenty of other spaces available, no tickets should be handed out. I shouldn’t have to pay an extra $25 on top of the $530 that I already handed over if I want to park somewhere else on campus for, at most, an hour or hour and a half.


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