Obama’s Job Bill

By Michelle Burke

Once again, President Obama spent this past week campaigning for his economic stimulus job plan. With the economy at an all time low, unemployment rates have skyrocketed. American citizens are getting laid off more than ever and job availability is almost non-existent. Obama’s plan is to create more jobs for the American people and simultaneously cut taxes. This solves the joblessness issue in America and gives working citizens a few extra dollars that are much needed in this time of economic distress.

The unemployment issue in the United States is not only getting worse, but becoming more frightening for the youth. College graduates come out of school with the hopes to begin a career while owing thousand of dollars in school loans. Their goal is to be able to pay these loans off quickly and obtain a steady job in their field of study. The fear of not getting hired is familiar to any student at Lasell College. Graduates are finding few job openings and it is not uncommon for employers to tell former students they are overqualified or over educated for entry-level positions.

This coming week, President Obama plans to speak publicly again to lay out his plan for paying the country’s debt. He has hopes that the job bill will get passed as quickly as possible to get America back on it’s feet. Hopefully, the passing of the bill will promise a bright future for not only the students of Lasell College, but also the nation as a whole.


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