Students Question Safety After Triple Homicide

By Rebecca Gooch

Monday, September 12th, three men were found stabbed to death in their Waltham apartment. An investigation is underway as police try to understand what happened and find the perpetrators responsible for these horrible murders. Currently, police do not know who was involved in these killings but they say that this case has their full attention.

The victim’s apartment, located on Harding Avenue, is just miles away from Lasell College as well as Brandeis and Bentley Universities. Moody Street is also close by an array of bars and restaurants that college students often go to throughout the week days and weekends.

“I am not really sure what to think of the murder. It is a little scary it’s so close to Lasell,” Lasell student Mariah Capron commented. “I have friends that live in the Waltham area and I go to many places that are minutes away from the crime scene, it is surreal.”

Although the city of Newton is considered one of the safest cities in America, I think it is unsettling that the person or people responsible for a triple homicide are still at large. I believe all Lasell students should take extra safety precautions until the murders are brought in.

The murder scene at Harding Avenue in Waltham, MA.


One Comment on “Students Question Safety After Triple Homicide”

  1. Ryan says:

    These were targeted homicides (as in victims associated with killer(s)), obviously drug related, as stated by the police from day one of the investigation. Don’t be a dumbass. Lasell students don’t need to take any extra safety precautions because 1) they’re in Newtonville, 2) killings were targeted, and 3) you’re an idiot.
    Newton is one of the safest cities in America ACCORDING TO STATISTICS!
    This is a horrendous blog fart.

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