Distance Learning Insider Finds That Local Colleges and Universities Often Offer Online Degree Options Too
By Tatiyana Smith

Whoever in a million years thought that going to college would be so expensive? There are a lot of things in society that are corrupt, and I believe college fees are one of them. There are endless fees, from room and board to dorm deposit. I’m so happy that this is my last year of college, but its also the beginning of paying back four years of loans. I came across an interesting website that stated the cost of tuition for every college in the Unites States.

Now, I’m not sure how valid the information on this website is but I surely believe it. The college with the lowest tuition cost is located in Kansas, the tuition is $215! That is half the price of the deposit for the college I attend. According to the website, Brandeis University’s tuition is $40 more than Boston College, the ironic thing about this fact is that if there was a Brandeis student and a BC student both going for the same job I bet the BC graduate would get it.

Why does education have to be so expensive? When I first entered Lasell College in 2008, it was about $36,000 for the year. Now that I am leaving , my bill is $43,000 for the year. Imagine how much college will be in 2020. I don’t think I ever want to have children!

If you have the time check out they have a ton of interesting blogs that contain relevant facts for every college student.  The way the cost varies from college to college is such a shocker. Collge freshmen should definitely visit websites like these to plan their costs for four years and ensure they get into as little debt as possible.

College is expensive, but I hope with everything I have learned, I am able to apply it and make all of my money back when I’m working.


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