Colleges Going Green

By Michelle Burke

Across the United States, homeowners and working adults are not the only ones focused on cleaning up the environment and saving energy. Colleges are seriously focusing on saving energy in the hopes of making a better future for the Earth. College dorms are beginning to install meters in each building so students can monitor how much energy they are using, or wasting. Old light bulbs are being replaced with newer, energy efficient bulbs to save electricity. Schools are also promoting recycling and organic food choices.

In the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Green Power Challenge“, universities can compete with one another to see who saves the most amount of energy, and which school is the most enviornmentally knowledgable as a whole. Enviornmentalism is even becoming a part of orientation for incoming freshman at colleges across the country. This orientation includes tips on living a “green” lifestyle, saving energy, eating organic foods and recycling. All of these efforts are to supply knowledge to people while there is still time to save the planet.

According Lasell, the college has even begun efforts to save energy on campus.Recycling has significantly improved in the last few years, from 13.5 percent to 23.2 percent. Lasell has even been involved in a nation-wide recycling competition. Hopes to install the use of energy meters in each dorm are in the works for Lasell College as well. With the path that Lasell is on to reduce energy consumption, we just might be one of the leading schools in the country to keep a sustainable environment for our future!


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