Studying Abroad


   By Kevin Paul

Entering this year I’ve been having thoughts about studying abroad next year when I’m a junior.  I know some upper class men that are in Florence, Italy, for the semester and I can’t stop looking through their photos on Facebook, seeing how much fun they are having. Of course, I wouldn’t be going there just to have a good time. I would also be going there to learn about the lifestyle and the different customs they have. But, just seeing my friends’ pictures on Facebook wasn’t enough to persuade me.

When picking up The 1851 Chronicle, Lasell’s student newspaper, I read an article by Zac Vierra. He talked about how he studied abroad and some of the things that he thought about before going.  He mentioned how when driving to the airport it really hit him.

“On my way to Logan Airport, it finally started to sink in that I was going to Italy,” Zac said. “I was going to be away from my family and friends for three months”.

I think that these things would be the hardest to leave behind, but it would be worth it for what you’re going to experience. Now, is the perfect time in your life to study abroad.


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