Boston’s Upcoming Star Gang

By Kevin Paul

This Thursday local Boston rapper, Jeffrey Fortunato better know as Moufy, performed for the students at Lasell college in the Yamawaki auditorium.

He is known for his song “Boston” which features a video with David Ortiz performing a cameo, that now has 200,000 views on I wasn’t able to go to the performance that night, but from what I heard it was a great event. However, I was able to see a lot of his entourage, the “Star Gang Affiliates”, while they were walking around campus. I actually got to see the Moufy for a brief second when walking out of the Forrest dorm on Lasell as well.

Afterwards, I wanted to see how Moufy came about, how he was able to make such a big fan base without label really backing him. I was able to read an article in The Boston Herald which was talking about social media and how it is rocketing these young artist into stardom.

Moufy was able to use this to his advantage by using Twitter to really reach out to his fans and get his music out there. It says in the Herald, “Local artists are using technology to establish large fan bases getting more than a million YouTube views and several thousand Facebook fans and Twitter followers thus allowing them to book local venues”.

So if your looking to be a rapper nowadays the best way to start off is by using these social media tools.


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