Can I get some service, please?!


By: Matt Arias

Rockwell Hall is one of the newer dorms here at Lasell, and being one of the students who resides here, I must say that the design of the building is superb.  Also, the hallways are relatively clean, and the rooms come with automatic air conditioning and heating.  So far, I have only one concern with this building in which I live, and that is the service (or lack-there of) that I get for my cellphone.

No matter where I go in the dorm (i.e. my room, the hallway, the lounge) it seems as if I can barely get even a bar of service. It sometimes takes my phone up to an hour to receive a text message, which obviously can result in major miscommunication between whoever is text messaging me and myself.  It’s also quite aggravating to have to try and call somebody up to ten times before the call actually goes through.  I often have to go outside, which can be a nuisance, depending on the temperature and/or time of day.  My service provider is Verizon, and I know it’s not their fault because I am not the only resident of Rockwell Hall who is on edge about the poor reception.  “It’s freaking terrible!” said fellow sophomore Alex Park with an undeclared major.  “There’s nothing more I can say about it other than the fact that it sucks.”

I’m not sure what can be done to improve this problem, but I’m hoping something will be figured out very soon.  I am becoming more and more impatient with this and it won’t be long before I bring it to the college’s attention.


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