Four Loko Hasn’t Been Telling Us the Truth


By: Carlton Lentini

The makers of the contraversial and often considered dangerous energy-alcoholic drink was banned from store shelves and forced to take the caffeine out of its ingredients.  The Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters in 2010 to Four Loko and three other makers of caffeinated alcohol drinks stating that they present unusual risks to health and safety.  All four companies agreed to remove the caffeine and any other stimulant from their products.

But the creators of Four Loko have been scrutinized for promiscuous actions once again. The company has been deceiving their consumers, like the ones at Lasell for quite some time now.  As a result, the FTC charged Four Loko with deceptive advertising.

Phusion Projects, the creators of the drink, said the labels will now state how much alcohol is in the drink. The company had previously told the public that the drink had the alcohol content equivalent of two beers, when in fact it contained as much alcohol as four to five beers.

Senior Joe Reggie spoke to me about the “Lokoness” that once had a hold of Lasell’s campus.

“I can remember buying two or three Four Loko’s and drinking them all in the same night and you better believe I was feeling pretty nice,” said Reggie. “I thought I was sipping on like six beers worth of alcohol but now I know why I got so sloppy that Thursday night. I was drinking the equivalence of fifteen beers! That’s Loko! Come on man.” 

This Lasell College student, like many others was indeed fooled by the false marketing of the can.

Now, it looks like this may have been the last straw for Four Loko because The National Conference of State Legislatures says alcohol control boards in at least 13 states have banned the drink.  Lasell College students and all college students alike can now drink responsibly.  No more lies.  No more Loko.


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