Lasell College Shuttle Service

By Katelyn Cross

In the past, Lasell College’s shuttle service was quite good. Not great, but it worked. This year and most of last year, however, things with the bus have dwindled down to nothing.

The shuttle has a strict schedule which it adheres to without question. If it needs to be at CVS at 5:00p.m., that’s where it is going. Although sometimes it does not arrive exactly on time, it does a pretty good job at at least showing up at all. My problem is: students who cannot afford to have their cars on campus, or have to park at Riverside, are now relying on the shuttle without any means of swaying it to go off schedule. The shuttle has taken away it’s phone, so there is no way to get in contact with the driver.

“I heard it was because they lost the phone…” said Lasell senior, Marissa Houle. “I heard it was because people were abusing the shuttle with phone calls for rides back and forth on campus…” added senior Casey Johnson.

Whatever the case, I do not agree with Lasell’s decision to get rid of the phone. The shuttle service is there for students to be able to safely travel to and from where ever they need to go, within reason. CVS, Riverside, Moody street. All close by places where the shuttle can easily travel to and from, while sticking to the schedule.

I believe it to be borderline ridiculous for students not to be able to rely on the shuttle for a safe ride. Whether that be because they do not want to walk across campus in the dark, or if they want to go out with their friends and need a safe ride home from Moody street.

Like I’ve said before, Lasell does a really good job at making things way more difficult than they need to be.


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