Lasell Village: Something to be Proud Of


By: Matt Arias

Most students on our campus are aware that Lasell College takes pride in the fact that it is in the middle of a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood.  The student body and the campus is often referred to as the “Lasell Community.”  Inside this community of ours, we have beautiful Victorian houses, typical student dorms, a quaint yet impressive athletic center, and other facilities that one will usually find on a college campus.  However, Lasell College has one unique feature that truly stands out- Lasell Village.

Lasell Village is a retirement community located on Seminary Avenue, right on the edge of the Lasell campus, it’s brilliantly designed with new construction from 2010 and marvelously structured as part of our campus. The Village bares a particularly striking resemblance to some of the dormitory buildings on campus.  It is home to fifteen residential halls, each named after someone who impacted Lasell College. It also has a “Town Hall” in the center of the Village, similar to a campus’ center.

Residents at Lasell Village are required to partake in 450 hours of fitness and learning activity, entailing academic courses either at Lasell Village or at Lasell College itself. The residents are fortunate enough to have features such as: a fitness center, a dance center, a barber shop, two pools, a ping-pong room, banking and postal services, and many more exciting amenities. It also has great employment opportunities for students at Lasell College, and it even is home to some courses the school offers.

It’s quite easy to see why Lasell College is proud to be the sponsor of Lasell Village since it’s creation in 2000.  Lasell Village adds so much to the “Lasell Community”  and is another feature that makes Auburndale and Newton as a whole a wonderful place to reside.


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