October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


It’s October, the official month of the Fall season. Everyone is excited about the upcoming holidays, the change in tree leaves, and soon the shift in time, but October has a different meaning to me. October is the nation’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout October many organizations take the time to promote breast cancer awareness as well as raise money to contribute to the research of the diseases cause, prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and most important the cure.

Throughout high school I was always aware of the disease and activly took part in many events like, “The Race for Cure.” Not until recently, when I was affected directly from the disease, has it become something I am so passionate about.

 Two months ago I lost my aunt to cancer. It was the most unreal feeling. I watched for four years as she put her heart, her soul, her everything into fighting this disease. I never knew the true definition of strength until I watched her struggle. I miss her a lot but nothing makes me happier than not seeing her have to struggle any longer.

Going through this I feel for everyone that has a family member fighting this battle. Its not easy. I can say it has helped me grow as a person, truly appreciate life and not take anything for granted. I have hope in the fact that somewhere out there, there is a cure. When it is found no one else will have to struggle.

Here are a list of multiple organizations with many events for the month that I have participated in before. If you have the time please take part in raising awareness, as well as fundraising .  There are a million more organizations out there, take the time to Google them and perhaps participate.

Susan G. Koman For The Cure

National Breast Cancer Foundation ,Inc

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Even though October is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, I believe people should promote awareness and contribute whenever they can to help the millions of people out there battling this disease all year long.

 Be a solider in this battle, and help fight cancer!

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