Social Media Occupying Wall Street

By: Joey Vento

Have you heard about the thousands of people occupying Wall Street? If you have, chances are you heard about it through a social media outlet. If you haven’t heard about it, I’m not surprised. Thats because the mainstream media has been almost nowhere to be found.

Occupy Wall Street began on September 17th when around 1,000 people gathered to protest corporate greed,  money’s influence on our politics, and social inequality. While specific demands are still being developed, the demonstration is growing due to social media. Blogs and Twitter have been the main news source for information and updates about “Occupying Together.” It wasn’t until a few unfortunate events occurred that a few mainstream news sources covered the protests.

News broke on September 24th when a video surfaced of Occupying Wall Street protestors. It was of three women getting pepper sprayed in the face by NYPD. On October 1st, out of 5,000 protestors, over 700 were arrested  on the Brooklyn Bridge. Still, the mainstream media continues to ignore the demonstrations which leads me to look at the role that social media plays as a news source. Without outlets such as Twitter, would anyone be protesting in our cities?

Social media is controlled by its user, which is the great thing about it. Whoever uses it, is the boss of it. The only way to get news out about these events has been the Internet. Whether it has been the #OccupyWallStreet hashtag, the YouTube videos, or blogs, protesters are increasing in numbers and doing so in more than 20 U.S. cities.

You may or may not agree with the protestors, but this is a news event that I would imagine news channels would usually run to. Instead, people are  only relying on social media platforms to spread their message and they’re doing so impressively. If anything significant occurs through “Occupy Wall Street” I’m giving social media all the credit.


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