Too much pink?

October 3rd, 2011 White House Goes Pink to Launch Breast Cancer Awareness Month(CBS News Photo Credit AP)

By Rebecca Gooch

A CBS News article, “Breast Cancer Awareness Turns Planet Pink,” discusses if the color pink being tied to breast cancer awareness has gone too far. Is it possible to create too much awareness? Personally I think absolutely not.

Breast Cancer Awareness has nothing but positive effects on our world and society. The fact that the question, “has breast cancer awareness gone too far?” arises proves how successful our society has been especially during the month of October in raising awareness.

Lasell College’s women soccer team has active members helping to fundraise and increase breast cancer awareness. On Saturday, October 15th a fundraiser and awareness event, “Play 4 the Cure” was hosted by the Lasers. At this event, the Lady Lasers wore pink jerseys on behalf of raising breast cancer awareness.

The team also raised the most donation money from their generous fans who contributed at the event as well as from those who sponsored a dollar amount per goals Lasell would make. Massachusetts General Hospital Chapstick was also being sold and it can still be purchased for $1 through the team.

Thanks to the great turnout at, “Play 4 the Cure,” over $300 was raised this weekend. The team will donate all proceeds to the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Gillette Cancer Center.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that sporting pink attire in for raising breast cancer awareness has gone too far, is it a problem that so many people are “going pink?”

Lasell College Seniors Liz McGeoy, Jordynn Frollo, Mags Carvalho, Elizabeth Stickley, Jessica Taylor, Meredith Hessler, Molly Clarke


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