Ghosts and Gravestones

By Chaney Carlson-Bullock

Halloween is coming up soon and Lasell is selling tickets to the Boston Ghost Tour.  The tour tells chilling stories about historical figures such as the Boston Strangler, Jolly Jane, Dr. John Webster, Cotton Mather, and other haunting personalities of the city who’s souls still linger here to this day.  

The tour goes through burial grounds, like that at King’s Chapel where you can see the bones of hundreds of people that were used in black market body trading.  If that is not creepy enough, the tour goes through the Omni Parker House where the Boston Strangler killed his last victim.

Also, to add to all of the crazy murder and ghost stories, the undead olden time guides make the tour thrilling.  Each guide has their own town stories and way of telling them. So, if one ride is not enough, you can have a new experience each time you go.

The tour is a good way for students, who may think that they are too old for trick or treating, to have fun and be entertained during the holiday.

Chris Calabro, a sophomore at Lasell, said he’s, “glad Lasell is offering this to students because I knew Halloween was coming up but I didn’t really have anything to look forward to.”  

The tour is an hour and thirty minutes long and may not be suitable for children under 13.  It is original entertainment that combines the spookiness of Halloween with the interesting history of the city.

The tours start on October 22, and tickets will be sold on the second floor of the campus center.  Each ticket is $10 and purchases are limited to 2 per person.


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