Halloween at Lasell


By: KateLyn Eadie

A lot of Lasell College students are hyped up about the up coming holiday, Halloween. Most students plan on partying and going out with friends for the weekend, but there are events outside of the school for student to partake in as well.

Lasell students are privileged to have the opportunity to go off campus for certain events. Although they have to pay for their ticket, they are provided transportation. This month, the school is giving students the opportunity to go on a ghost tour in Boston. The tickets have been available since October 4, 2011 and are only $10 each! The event is taking place on October 22, 2011, and the tour starts at 9pm.

I know I’m definitely thinking about going. Halloween is a lot of fun at the Lasell College campus. A lot of the RAs have door-decorating competitions to see which residents can get into the holiday spirit the best. My RA, Shawndrae Barreto, is planning this competition. I think its a great way to get the students involved.

“I thought decorating the doors would get the other students pumped up and excited for Halloween,” said Shawndrae.

If you are a Lasell student and you are excited for the upcoming holiday, get even more excited knowing that there are things you can do on and off campus that are fun. Here’s a link where you can find tickets for the tour: http://ow.ly/6Z82O. Get involved and stay safe!


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