Football at Lasell

By Kevin Paul

Sundays at Lasell are all about football. Everyone in the dorms gets ready to watch their favorite football team play on TV. I didn’t really watch the football games at home that much. When I first came here last year I soon realized that the students, or at least the people I surrounded myself with,  dropped everything and got ready to watch the Patriots play whatever team they happened to play that Sunday.

I can’t say that I don’t mind watching the games with my friends. It’s a nice way of relaxing after a long week of getting your work done; you can sit back and watch the game with a couple of your buddies. It can also get a little crazy when it comes down to who you’re rooting for when watching these games. If you’re not rooting for the right team some people get offended, and since were in Massachusetts the only team you should be rooting for is the Patriots. With a record of 4 and 1 the Patriots have started off the season well, they beat their rival team this Sunday, the New York Jets, 30 to 21.  It was a nice game.


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