Hope for Humanity

By Rebecca Gooch

Lasell College’s non-profit organization, Hope for Humanity, will hold its first meeting today at 5 p.m. in Rosen Hall hosted by founder Carrie Kenniston and advisor Amy Green. Hope for Humanity was created during the 2010 spring semester and has grown a lot by gaining club members and completing various community service trips.

Just to name a few, Hope for Humanity in the past years have actively participated in helping Cradles to Crayons, serving at the Arlington Soup Kitchen, running food and clothing drives and conducting events that raise awareness about poverty.

One of Hope for Humanity’s more successful events was a “Sleep-out for the homeless” that took place last year in the quad area at Lasell College. During this event club members, as well as Lasell College students, gathered together sitting on cardboard dressed in warm clothes with their blankets and hot chocolate to actively raise awareness about poverty and promote Hope for Humanity. A few club members even managed to stick out the entire night.

“It looks good on my resume but it also gives me a chance to help people,” commented Lasell College Junior Rocco Mancinelli, who is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

Hope for Humanity is a great organization that gives students a chance to raise awareness to the Lasell community about the problem of poverty and give back with community service trips. If you are not yet in a club at Lasell, check out Hope for Humanity.


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