Table Talk: Pros and Cons of a small school

By: Katelyn Cross

As a waitress at a local restaurant, I often get to chatting with my tables about the funniest things. Customers always seem interested in conversing about my schooling and career path. Over the weekend I served a young man, his father, and his little brother.They were from upstate New York and had come to the small town of Wellesley, MA to look at school’s for his son. The father asked me if I was a student, where, and what I wanted to do with my degree…

When the father asked me where I went, I responded with “Lasell College, have you ever heard of it?” His response: “Oh no, where is that?” We got to chatting about schools and the process of picking the right one. I told him my story and asked his son a few questions about his favorite campuses so far.

We began to talk about size because the young man had chosen such diverse school sizes. BC, Tufts, and Brandeis. His father asked why I chose a small school, so i responded with this:

Pros and Cons of a small school:

– Your professors know you by name (always helpful when getting recommendations)
– You never have to take more than 10 minutes tops to walk to class
– You always know someone wherever you go
– As far as social life goes, you don’t have to be part of a club or group or frat to attend parties
– Your classes have, at most, 25-30 kids. On average about 15
– With small class sizes , it in a way forces you to attend, which in turn, makes mom and dad proud

– There isn’t the frat party life that you see in movies, for the most part. Although it definitely does happen
– Your professors do know your name so they will know when you specifically aren’t there
– There may not be as many course offerings as a big school

My list stopped there. My preference was a small school so i had more pros than cons.

The father and son definitely enjoyed talking to me about his sons future (as showed in my tip and their kindness). I hope that they took something away from out little encounter, who knows, maybe I’ll see him at Lasell!


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