Are Employers Looking You Up? (infographic)

By: Joey Vento

Social media is being used in the job market more than ever before. As college students start to gear up for the real world, they might want to think about how some of your social networking sites portray you. It’s extremely easy for an employer to search your name on the Internet, and you might be surprised at how much they can learn about you.

A recent study by Reppler, a social networking site, showed that 90% of job recruiters use social networking sites to screen prospective employees. Could you really get rejected because of your social networking sites though? Well, 69% of people questioned in the study said that they have in fact rejected applications because of what they found. But don’t be too alarmed, 68% also said that they have hired someone because of what they saw about them on a social networking site.

What does this all mean? It means that what you have on the Internet about yourself matters, especially when you start applying for jobs. In the study 76% of employers checked Facebook while Linkedin is checked by only 48%. Employers would probably look at your personal social networking sites over your professional ones because these can tell them who you truly are. Hopefully, who you truly are isn’t too much of a secret, but you can control what they see. Recent Lasell College graduate, Brian Ferrarese was lucky enough to land a job after leaving Newton.

“I initially made it (Facebook) super private for the sake of applying to jobs.”

Since being hired Brian has even taken some of his content out of his profile, just to be safe. A smart thing to do because Facebook is constantly altering their privacy settings, and unless you stay on top of it, your custom settings may be changed. Students should start thinking about these things, especially after seeing the results of this study. For more on the findings read the inforgraphic below.


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