30 seconds in an elevator…

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Senior year is going to fly by faster than I would ever want it to. We would all like to live this college life forever. Every senior is faced with the scary question of , What are you going to do next? Quite frankly everyday my answer changes, but it always ends with ” I just want to be happy with whatever it may be.” I’m currently interning at an amazing company- Likeable Media with offices in both Boston and New York.  The atmosphere is amazing, the people are the best, the work is relevant. My professor asked, “could you see yourself there?” I responded, ” …I actually do!” She said ” If you were in an elevator with your boss, what would you say…”

So if I had the chance to bump into the CEO of Likeable Media in an elevator and I had 30 seconds… I would pitch him this:

google image

(elevator door closes) *in my mind-GAME TIME*

Hi , I’m Tatiyana Smith, Senior at Lasell College. Major in Communications wit a focus in PR, and minoring in Business. I’m currently a Buzz Builder here at your company. I’ve been finding it very fascinating to take on social media with a business approach. Taking on multiple companies and establishing there brand through social media has become something I’m really interested in. Learning many techniques and connecting with clients on how to better their brand has become something I’m passionate about, and I look forward to turning into a profession. Are you available to speak more about this?

(elevator door opens)

Maybe one day I’ll have the chance to say this in person. Maybe I won’t. But the best part is I am prepared! All seniors here at Lasell College and everywhere are about to face the real world faster than we can ever imagine. It would and could be beneficial if everyone had their own elevator speech… you never know when it will come in handy. Are you prepared?


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