A Name or A Number

By: Katelyn Cross

Small schools have many perks over larger schools. One of the biggest, for me personally, was the fact that I wanted to be a name, and not a number. Many large schools have class sizes in the hundreds and you are given a number, instead of your name, to write on papers, or to sign in attendance. You are one of thousands and most professors don’t get to personally know all of their students’ names.

Lasell College is a small, private school. Class sizes range from 6-30 and professors are able to learn about each of their students. I chose Lasell because I wanted to be able to go to my professors, advisor and other campus affiliates if I ever had questions or concerns. Lasell’s staff is always available to help students and professors and are willing to help students in and out of the classroom. You can even get help getting a job.  The career services office has educated staff members that, like professors, really get to know students in order to help them reach their goals.

I would much rather have my school know my name, than be branded with a number and be lost in the crowd.


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