All in the family

By: Kate-Lyn Eadie

This is for all those new-comers, or people looking at Lasell College. This place may seem small, but the people you become friends with makes up for that. I have made so many friends that I know I am going to be friends with for life at this school.

At first, it may seem hard to make even one friend, but you have to stay positive and keep an open mind. Know that there are a lot of people who all have the potential to be your friend. Also keep on mind that every one else coming to the school is just as new as you. They are just nervous, timid, and unsure as you are.

“My friends here are like my family. I love them all. I know I’m going to have these friends for life”, said Amanda Gardella, junior at Lasell College.

My freshman year at Lasell I roomed with my friend from high school, and we were put in a triple with one other girl we did not know. This did not stop us from all being friends, making friends together and finding friends of our own. When we went out, we would always find new people to talk to and befriend, and it’ll be just like that for you coming to Lasell.


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