Casinos in Mass

By Michelle Burke

Living at Lasell College in Boston, a trip to the casino needs to be planned days in advance. Driving out of state to gamble becomes more of an inconvenience than a day of fun with friends at the slot machines. Thankfully, the hassle of traveling is over.

After a recent bill passing with more than a majority of votes in favor, 132 to 21, gambling will be accessible to students, of age, in their own backyard. Massachusetts’ decision to legalize casinos in the state has been an ongoing debate. The final verdict was that casinos and gambling would offer many more positive outcomes for the state than negative. Casinos will offer thousands of jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenue for the state. Twenty-five percent of the revenue from the casino and forty percent of the revenue from the slot machines will be returned to the state of Massachusetts to benefit it’s towns and cities.

Citizens of the state that oppose the new bill are worried that new casinos will bring a number of issues to the state, such as gambling addictions and the return of “happy hour,” an hour dedicated to drinking at discounted prices. No one can assure any outcomes as of now, but within the next year when the first casino is put in place, all of Massachusetts will be able to see whether the results are positive or not.


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