Fear at Fenway


By Michelle Burke

Living at Lasell College, there are many nearby attractions during the Halloween season. Haunted houses, theme parks, and cities such as Salem, attract thousands of Bostonians in the hopes to be the scariest, most thrilling attraction of the year. This year, for the first time, Fenway Park is hoping to top it all. They are opening the park to the public every night this week in preparation for Halloween.

The organizers behind SpookyWorld, are taking over Fenway Park and presenting THE FEAR at Fenway. The park’s haunted experience will include three haunted attractions. The first is Hancock Hill Cemetery, an evil cemetery guaranteed to haunt everyone who enters. The second attraction is the Brigham Manor, a haunted manor in Boston from the early 1800’s that has spirits dwelling in the empty house. The third and final attraction new to Boston this year is the 3D Freakout. This 3D haunted house filled with creatures around every unknown corner is guaranteed to scare even the bravest that enter.

Fear at Fenway is open all this week from 5 pm to 11 pm. Tickets are $35 each. Buy them either online or at the door… if you dare.


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