Gaddafi’s dead

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By: Kathleen Armstrong

While at Lasell some may lose touch with the outside world. Most college students would rather watch anything other than the news. This past weekend you may have clicked over the news about Muammar Gaddafi’s death. Gaddafi was a tyrant of Libya for 42 years. He was overthrown in 2011 and a war erupted. He has been in hiding for the past year and was one of the most wanted men in the world.

He was found hiding in a drain after vowing he would fight until the end. He was captured and seems to have been shot in the head and abdomen.

Thousands gatherered in Beghazi, Libya, to hear announcements of “liberation” while Gaddafi’s dead body lay before them. It was a site to see as crowds cheered and waved the countries flag high. His death brings a new life for many citizens of Libya with the potential of a prosperous economy. “We are the Libyans. We have shown you who we are Gaddafi, you Pharaoh of the times. You have fallen into the garbage bin of history,” said lawyer Abdel Rahman el-Qeesy.

People see no reason to bury Gaddafis body just yet. It’s a part of history that many want to be a part of. Some have even brought their children to witness this “historical moment.” The next step for the country will be to create a better government and build a better lifestyle for all citizens. Libya will be a country to keep your eye on, so this time when you’re looking for something to watch try the news.


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