Lasell College Radio


By: Matt Arias

Here on the beautiful campus of Lasell College, there are many activities in which a student can be involved in. Not only are there are various varsity sport teams, but there are also club teams, such as frisbee club, rugby club, tennis club and others.  As far as non-sporting clubs are concerned, there’s too many to name.  However, one that stands out is the radio station, known as “Lasell College Radio.”

The radio station began it’s operation in 2004, and has since been going strong.  Student’s shows on the station can be heard directly from the websites homepage by clicking on a boombox that says “click to listen.”  Each show is one hour long, five days a week, save weekends when shows are two hours and are heard both days.  Each radio promotes up and coming musical artists, and hosts can make their shows about whatever they desire.  The radio also used to broadcast Lasell sporting events, but unfortunately the broadcasting program has been terminated due to lack of interest.  LCR is also the sponsor of various social events on campus, such as dances, concerts, and barbecues.

Being a part of the radio station requires you to help out with any LCR sponsored events, attend every radio meeting, and play certain songs on the shows.  The station looks great on resumes, and it is a wonderful thing to be apart of.  

“It’s fun, especially ’cause my family gets to listen to me,” said Jessica Smith, a sophomore athletic training major. “I plan on keeping my show for the rest of my time here.”

If anyone is interested in joining Lasell College Radio, contact station managers.


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