Lasell Students Get All Done Up

By Katelyn Cross

This past sunday I held a Hair Party in my room with some other Lasell College students. Melissa, my hair dresser from home, came to make my friends and I look glamorous before the upcoming holiday season. She works at Aqua Hair Salon in Salem, Ma and was more than willing to do my friends and I a favor by doing all of our hair for half the salon price.

Five other girls and I came to my room to get cuts, colors, feather extensions and tinsel. Tinsel you ask? Tiny strands of strong, glittery plastic that is tied into your hair to give you sparkley highlights! They are inexpensive and look awesome for the Holidays.

While we were getting our hair done, all the attendees who were 21 and up,  sipped chilled champagne and ate fresh fruit. It was a low key, fun day filled with lots of awesome hair. It was good to get to chat with all my girlfriends and get our hair done all at the same time. Seeing as I only go home for hair touch-ups, it was super convenient for me to have Melissa come to my school. All the girls loved their hair and everyone had a relaxing time lounging and getting glammed up.

Melissa and I are planning another hair party for the beginning of may, close to graduation. If you have any interest in attending this party, please contact me via facebook or Twitter @KCROSS_. Have a great hair day!


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