Life After Lasell


By Tatiyana Smith

For those in the class of 2012, the time is slowly approaching when you will be a graduate of Lasell College. The question arises: what to do After?

On Tuesday, November 8th, the office of alumni relations and the office of career services will let you know. The departments are sponsoring an event called Life After Lasell: Interviewing with Confidence. At the event, Judy Campbell, a Boston-based career coach, will be directing an interactive workshop to offer seniors helpful tips and techniques for your ” Life After Lasell.”

Attendees of the workshop will learn how to speak easily, clearly and concisely in an interview and about what you want in a position. How to identify your competitive edge to use it to differentiate yourself, and applying unique strategies to demonstrate that  you are the best candidate, will also be part of the workshop. Plus: free business cards are provided to everyone after they attend the event.

Lasell College has hosted this event in the past, and the students that attended it thought it was extremely beneficial. A class of 2010 graduate, Alisha Madkins said, “Now that I’m actually experiencing my life after Lasell, and I look back at the workshop I attended, absolutely everything was true and really comes in handy once you’re out in the real world.”

Alisha suggested that all seniors should take advantage of  the workshop, noting every tip they get.

Life after college is different for everyone, but take advantage of this experience.  Embrace every bit of advice you can get and attend this event. It can be beneficial for your professional, and perhaps personal, future.

Dwayne Powell, a 2009 graduate, said, “Lasell gave me life long connections with my peers. When I was at Lasell the student body was like family. Everyone knew everyone and we got along well. The Lasell community and everything they offered helped prepare me for my life after Lasell.”

If interested in learning tips and techniques that will help you in your “Life after Lasell”, this is an event that you can’t miss. Tuesday November 8th at 6 p.m. in De Witt Hall. If you have any questions, contact the office of alumni relations at  617-243-2467 or 617-243-2139.


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