Professors vs. Students

By Katelyn Cross

Today I had a class that was dedicated solely to the  question “How should I teach you?”

We’ll start with my opinion that college should be completely different learning wise than high school. Why attend another four or five years of schooling to be taught general subjects that only confuse us more about what we want to do “when we grow up”. I believe that college should primarily be taught in regards to the topic of your choice. Yes, of course, with a few electives thrown in for fun.

So in this class we discussed how he can better format the classroom setting so that we maximize our learning and understanding of the subject. The objectives:

A) Make sure that everyone does the reading, without having to give weekly tests.
B) Make sure that we all understand the material and can apply it to real life.

This to me should be the exact objectives colleges should have for every class. Not all professors know how to effectively teach. I’ve had classes that at the end of the semester I could not repeat one thing I learned. Nor could I apply it to real life; which is exactly the problem.

Since my parents, for the most part, are paying a lot of money for my schooling and I am the one who is getting the knowledge for the career, I expect to be taught things I can use in the real world. If my professors can not teach the material in a way that maximizes student understanding and application, what am I getting out of it? Nothing. Just a big fat bill in the mail for wasted hours.

So in return, a huge thank you is in order. Professor Tom Sullivan, for understanding the needs of the students, a round of applause goes out to you.


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