Pumpkin Fest 2011

By Rebecca Gooch

In Keene, New Hampshire, Pumpkin Festival 2011 has just taken place. The official time of the Pumpkin Festival was on Saturday, October 22nd from noon to 8:30 P.M. However, the Keene community began celebrating earlier in the week by preparing carved pumpkins.

Pumpkin Fest occurs each year around Halloween. This free event encourages Keene community members and any other interested individual to contribute carved pumpkins in attempt to try and break the world record of the largest amount of carved pumpkins in one place.

Thousands of people attend Pumpkin Fest to see the annual wall of pumpkins, shown above, as well the many that line the streets. This event is so big that Main Street is shut down and spectators become the new flow of traffic as they admire all of the pumpkins. Included in Pumpkin Fest activities are: fireworks, music, food, crafts and entertainers.

“I make a point to make it too Pumpkin Fest every year, I have been going since I was in high school,” says Lasell Junior Mariah Capron, “A few of my best-friends go to Keene State College which really isn’t that far away from Lasell.”

Many Lasers, mostly those who have friends at Keene State College, make the commute to enjoy the Saturday festivities and admire the many carved pumpkins lining the streets of Downtown Keene.

Keene State College Students Kathy Cross and Cristina Varney's carved pumpkins 2011


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