Snow at Lasell

snowy year

By Chaney Carlson-Bullock

This past weekend, Lasell students and many other students on the northeast, were surprised by a snowstorm.  On Thursday, the first snowfall started while students prepared for the cold weekend.

The storm came to the surprise of many people because it was  early in the season.  The storm had more than 2.4 million people without power and even had Lasells power out for several moments on Thursday.  

Record snowfall put many peoples Halloween plans on hold and also caused at least five deaths this weekend, according to CNN news.  

With all of these record snowfalls so early in the season, students at Lasell and elsewhere are going to have to prepare for the upcoming winter that seems to show signs of having a lot of snow fall.  This may be exciting to students who may do winter activities like snowboarding or skiing, but also may be hated by the students who don’t like the cold weather.

Chris Calabro, sophomore at Lasell, said he, “cannot wait for more snow to hit campus this year.  I am definitely trying to get back into skiing and it is already showing signs that it will be a snowy winter.”  

Other students are looking forward to snowball fights, snow angels, snowmen, and even ice skating.  No matter how the students at Lasell look at winter and snow, it is coming and everyone should get prepared as best as possible and make the best out of this heavy winter.


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