Start your career with an internship

By: Paige Seavey

As it is known here at Lasell, an internship is a requirement to graduate depending on your major. Internships are a must in order to achieve real life experience within your industry of interest. Nowadays, the economy is at all time low and jobs are now more competitive than ever. Therefore, you find yourself having to stick out in other ways in order to obtain your job of interest and that’s where internships come into play.

So you ask yourself, “How do I get an internship?” Well, thankfully we have Lasell College Central Network, which is a database available to all students that lists current internships available in the area posted by local organizations and businesses looking for Lasell candidates. The network is simple to use all you need is to create a login and then search.

Also, if that isn’t helpful enough you can contact Sarah Burrows, the Director of Internship Programs, and make an appointment to talk with her. Sarah has years of experience and is very willing to help every student obtain an internship that wants one. You can get in contact with her by email at or her office is located in Holway House.


One Comment on “Start your career with an internship”

  1. Sarah Burrows says:

    internships are a must have after graduation, or even before graduation! An internship will give you skills, self-confidence, a sense of place and a few professional contacts. Lasell can support you in all ways from finding, keeping and making the most out of an internship!

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