Stay Off of Grellier Field?!


By: Matt Arias

Lasell College has two athletic outdoor fields.  One of them, Taylor Field, is located right behind the gymnasium and right next to the Central parking lot.  It is home to Lasell men and women’s soccer in the Fall, and women’s softball in the Spring.  It is purely grass and becomes torn up somewhat easily.  The other field, Grellier Field, is located directly to the left of Rockwell Hall, behind Forest Hall.  It is made of grassy turf and is home to women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and occasionally men’s rugby.  Grellier, unlike Taylor, is very well-kept and is rarely torn up or in rough shape due to it’s turf surface.  

Grellier serves as a terrific recreational field for nearby residents, and for all students who live on campus for that matter.  Lasell residents are often seen playing frisbee, throwing a football and baseball around, doing conditioning drills, and even tanning on the beautiful, turf field.  However, the days of fun and unorganized activities on Grellier field may be numbered.

After making a late night phone call on the field just last week, I was told by a Lasell policeman not to use the field to make phone calls anymore, as they don’t want people on the field other than the sports teams.  He went on to tell me that a closer eye will be kept on the field when it is not being used by a sports team or club, as the athletic department wishes to only have games there.  For everyone else, this means less recreational fun on the field.  

“It’s stupid,” said sophomore business major Danny Klinzing.  “We should be able to use it when nothing’s going on.  It’s part of the college.”  Hopefully, the watchful eye will cease to be as watchful, and Grellier will remain a great place to have fun.


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