The “T” at your convenience


By: Matt Arias

As all, or at least most,  students here at Lasell College know, we attend school in Newton which is a city-suburb of Boston.  Another fact that most students here at Lasell know is that we are located in the village of Auburndale, one of thirteen villages in the highly populated city of Newton.  Only a mile off the Lasell campus, while we’re speaking about facts regarding location, is Riverside station, the western terminus of the “D” branch of Boston’s most popular subway line, the “Green Line.” 

 The cost of subway travel is $2.00, unless you have a “CharlieCard”, which reduces the fare to $1.70.  Many students at Lasell find it convenient to walk to the station, or take the ever-so-controversial Lasell College shuttle, to Riverside station and hop on an inbound train to Boston, or elsewhere along the “D” branch. 

“Yeah it’s wicked easy to just decide I wanna go to Boston and walk to Riverside,” said Zach Monette, a sophomore majoring in athletic training. 

Riverside is, for the most part, a busy and popular station, and also serves as a location for departure and arrival for bus companies, and of course, taxi’s.  The station is both convenient and versatile in the sense that it’s easy to get to Boston and many other places after a short walk from campus.

Woodland station, the second stop headed inbound to Boston from Riverside, is also a short walk from the Lasell campus.  It’s right on Washington Street, and has a cheaper parking rate than Riverside station.  However, something that many Lasell students may not know about is the extremely close Auburndale Station, a stop on the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line. 

The commuter rail, unlike the subway, travels through different parts of different cities and towns in the bay area of Massachusetts, and just happens to have three stops (Auburndale, West Newton, and Newtonville) right here in the Garden City of Newton.  Auburndale station is actually the closest “T” station out of the previously mentioned two stations, and is located right before downtown Auburndale.  This commuter rail line runs inbound, right alongside the Massachusetts Turnpike, and terminates after a twenty or so minute-ride to South Station in Boston.  The only disadvantage of taking the commuter rail instead of the Subway is that the commuter rail costs a bit more, and adhere’s to a stricter, perhaps less convenient, schedule.  Auburndale station, though, is just another way for Lasell students to travel into Boston or to perhaps other colleges down the commuter rail line.

The “T” certainly has left it’s mark on Newton, and especially Auburndale.  Lasell students have little to no reason to complain about easy ways to get into the city, as there more than enough options that should be suitable and satisfactory for everyone looking to travel locally.


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