Bank Transfer Day

By Michelle Burke

What started out as a simple page on Facebook has quickly transformed into a national movement. This past Saturday, November 6th, became known across the United States as “Bank Transfer Day”. The idea of the movement is to get Americans, including all students at Lasell College, to transfer all of their funds from for-profit banks into non-profit credit unions.

Kristin Christian started the movement, which is not affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement. She made a simple page on Facebook expressing her thoughts, which ended up attracting more than 81,900 Facebook users to take part in the transfer day. She said she made the page to help get her voice, heard along with hundreds of thousands of Americans. Her feelings are that the new bank fees that are consistently increasing are unfair, and Americans agree.

The Bank Transfer Day movement shows how much effect a Social Media protest can have. An average woman like Kristin was able to get the support of complete strangers, all wanting their opinions to be acknowledged. At least 650,000 Americans have joined credit unions in the past month, and the number continues to rise. If for-profit banks such as Bank of America don’t stop their increasing fees soon, the nation could be headed quickly towards credit unions only.


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