Job Hunter

By: Kate-lyn Eadie

Looking for a new job? Looking for a job to save up for those Christmas gifts? The Natick Collection is hiring.  Almost every store is hiring. The mall is only 20 minutes away, and really easy to get to.

I work at Forever21 at the Natick Collection and it’s pretty fun. I love all the people that I work with and they are always willing to give everyone work hours. I was on break the other day walking around the mall, and I noticed that almost every store I walked by had a little table in front of it with applications just waiting to be filled out. The Holiday season is approaching, which means it’s just about time to spend all the money you have on gifts, and the stores at the mall are willing to give you that money.

“Working here is just so easy for me. It’s easy money, and I work with my friends. The mall is really a good place to work”, said Forever21 employee Hanna Nauman.

The stores at the mall understand that most people would be seasonal, which makes it even easier for students just like you to find a job. So find your way to the mall in Natick and get to work so you can save up.

Here’s a link to the mall so you can find a job even easier Good luck!


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