Lasell’s Future

By Kevin Paul

 I wonder what will happen to Lasell when I graduate,when walking across campus you can see so many new things that they are building. They are adding new dorm buildings to the campus. The president of our school, Micheal Alexander, is discussing ways to turn Lasell College into Lasell University in the near future.

The college held an open discussion on this subject in De Witt Hall with the board of trustees, which allowed everyone to brainstorm ideas for the college’s next five to seven year strategic plan. At the disccusion, a number of ideas were brought up, such as offering more summer courses in 2012, increasing the percentage of courses taught by full time faculty, renovating Woodland Hall, expanding language course offerings, and reducing the course load of faculty who advise a club. The Communication Department Chair Dr. Janice Berrett wants to streghthen the graduate program. She says,

I think as we move ahead with increasing the number of students who are coming in the pipe­lines to our graduate program, we need to look at…an increase in all areas of the infrastructure of the graduate pro­gram”.

I think that this is good for the school to try to become a university and expand. I can’t wait until the day that I come back and everything is improved.


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