Lasell’s Rugby Club Enters Playoffs

By Chaney Carlson-Bullock

Lasell College’s Rugby team played and won their first playoff game  46-8 on Sunday, November 6th against Champlain College. The game was Lasell’s second home game this season, which marks the first time Lasell has held more than one home game in a season. This made it an exciting and special game for the team to show their fans how good they really are. At this point, they may just be a club team but they put a lot of effort and work hard in as a team to get where they are today. Lasell showed their dominance Sunday against Champlain and played well overall, both defensively and offensively.

The game was very exciting and kept fans rowdy the whole game.  Tensions were high between the players which caused a couple of after play shoves and angry words exchanged between players, fans, and even coaches. Overall the game was well played and fans kept cheering all game. Lasell students were able to enjoy watching their new team dominating a team with a much longer history.

There were big hits and big plays all game. None better than when Antonio Nesbitt took the lead with a try before they were tied at 10 to 10 in the first half, which ended 15-8. The Lasell defense kept Champlain scoreless in the second half however, while Lasell kept dominating offensively.  Five of Lasell’s players scored tries and three kick conversions were made.  In the end, Lasell scored 31 of their final 46 in the second half to secure a historic victory for the team.

Lasell has only 2 games left to be in the Division IV champions and after their performance during this round, it seems as though they are more than capable or making it happen.


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