Register Pains

By: Matt Arias

By now, Lasell students should be well aware of the fact that undergraduate registration for next semester’s classes begins on November 14th, next Wednesday.  Registration is both an exciting and stressful time for students, as they all want to have a great schedule and classes they enjoy.  This is why it is best to begin picking your schedule and adding classes to your “cart” as early as possible, you will have more time to look at the classes you want to take and plan out your schedule.  

Many students become stressed because they need a certain amount of credits but want interesting classes.  Also, it’s very tempting for many students to pick later classes so that they don’t have to wake up earlier, but this can often times collide with a student’s work schedule, among other things.  Another stressful aspect of undergraduate registration is that a student could have their dream schedule and still not get into the classes they want.  This is because so many people are picking classes at the same time and can become filled up within seconds.

Since this is such a stressful time and I have had much success as far as picking a great schedule in the three times I’ve registered for classes, I have some tips for those out there that are worried about upcoming registration.

1. If you haven’t began picking classes, do so IMMEDIATELY.  The sooner you plan out your schedule, the more time you have to go back and make changes and the more time you have to look closely at all classes.

2. Plan for what you need, not what you want.  I know how tempting it is to not pick early classes (or to pick all early classes, for some people), to be able to sleep in and to have no classes on Friday, but if that schedule will interfere with work or will leave you stressed out, don’t do it.

3. Research classes you’re interested in.  When you see a class and you’re not sure about whether or not you want to add it, ask around and see if anyone has taken it before, find out what the professor’s like, etc.  This co-insides with picking your schedule early.

4. Pick classes you need.  Don’t pick an uninteresting class in place of a class you know you should be taking just because it’s at a better time or because your buddies are in that class.  You only get one chance at college and it’s important you make the best of it.

5. Last but not least, wake up early on registration day! If you think you can get up two minutes before your registration starts and you’ll be fine, you are wrong.  Give yourself enough time to get on your computer and register.  Things can go wrong very easily.


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