School is Stressful, Parking Fines Don’t Help

By Rebecca Gooch

The process of being a college student is very stressful. Many students can relate on the main stress factors of attending college, the most prominent issue for many is finding the funds and working out getting someone to co-sign their loans. Following close behind are the common stresses of a full class load, many assignments and group projects to complete and trying to do all of these things while having a part-time job or internship.

However, on top of these factors, another has been added. Parking Fines.

At Lasell College, students are given the opportunity to have their car on campus if desired. The fee to obtain a parking permit on campus for one semester is $265 and $530 for the year. Because of construction at Lasell, parking has temporarily been limited on the far side of campus between Butterworth Hall, Bragdon Hall and Campus Center. To help this issue, Lasell created available parking at the Riverside T stop for a reduced $150 per semester and $300 for the year. If you are a commuter, only $50 per semester and $100 for the year is asked of you.

“I have paid for parking at Riverside this semester,” says Lasell Junior Jordan Petri. “But it is such a hassle to even get to my car because the shuttle schedule posted never seems to be correct and never on time.  I think they need to make more frequent stops to Riverside especially during the day when people are trying to get to their cars instead of CVS.”

Students who have parking permits on campus often find that the lots are full and when they park elsewhere, in lots that clearly have available spaces, they receive a Lasell parking ticket of $25.

“I was assigned to Riverside parking then was moved to Holt,” said Lasell Transfer Student Dan Hodgetts.” Whenever I went to park in Holt it was completely full because too many permits had been given out for that lot.”

Personally, I think that Lasell’s parking permit fees are a bit high as well as parking ticket fines. It is cheaper to park on the streets that surround Lasell College. Although some students issues with parking tickets have been resolved if you are lucky enough to talk to always helpful Maria Nunes, others aren’t so lucky. Students should not have to worry about parking fines when more importantly their college career needs to be focused on. This issue has been prominent for years and seems not to have changed.


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