Spiritus at Lasell

By Kevin Paul

On November 3rd at Lasell college  celebrated this Halloween by having an event called  Spiritus. It was an evening of art, music and remebrance.  Held in the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center, there was visiual  artwork by Lasell students and also from special guest Sam Colmstock. An African Drumming and Dancing Ensemble also performed and the event overall tried to expose other cultures and traditions.

A holiday similiar to Halloween that is celebrated in Mexico is called Dia de los Muertos.  This holiday focuses on the gathering of family and friends to pray for and to remeber friends and family members who have died. This celebration takes place on November 1st and 2nd crossing with the Catholic holidays of All Saints day and All Souls’ Day.

 To remember the ones that have died you build private altars honoring them, you can make sugar skulls, place marigolds, and make the favorite foods of the departed and place everything at the altar you create. I think this is a very fun way of celebrating Halloween, making masks and and decorating skulls. Having diverse programs like Spiritus helps student6s understand other cultures better and opens our minds to new practices.


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