Student Voices

By: Paige Seavey

On November 15th Lasell will be hosting Student Voices: “Where are you from?” “What is it like being an immigrant at Lasell?” in Rosen Auditorium at 12:30 p.m. Student Voices is a student panel of immigrants that attend Lasell who will be talking about their own experiences, strengths and challenges and what life is like being apart of the Lasell community. This event is being held by Professor LeRoux and all are welcome to come and listen.

I attended this event when I was a freshman for my Intercultural Communication class and found it very interesting. I heard many stories from students I had only seen on campus but never spoke to and learned so much about their lives. I also learned a lot about what life is like being an immigrant and it gave me a different perspective on life. I encourage all to attend.

For more information you can contact Professor LeRoux at or by phone extension 617-243-2104.


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