Wild N’ Out Wednesday


One of Lasell Colleges clubs, The Multicultural Student Union will be hosting their 3rd annual Wild Out Wednesday. This event has been popular amongst the students since it started in the Fall semester of 2009. A spin off event from the MTV show Wild N’ Out. Students are given the opportunity to show out and participate in a variety of improvisational games.

Every year MSU is able to analyze the event and make it better. After running the event for two years the club had made  the event more interactive so a larger amount of people are able to participate. On the television show there are two teams that compete in a three rounder improvising game . Here at Lasell we play mini games at tables, and the first two tables to complete or win the game/ puzzle will partipate in the improvisational game.  The improvisational games consist of those like ” Pick Up Lines” , “The Questions Game” , “Guess Who?” and many more. In the Pick up Lines game the teams go head to head and take turns pitching the best pick up ones to a Wild N’ Out girl, the first team to have the top 5 funniest win. Each improvised game are the same as those from the show Wild N’ Out, so for more rules on the game visit the website.

This event provides food, entertainment and many prizes. Wild Out Wednesday takes place this month, November 16th from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in DeWitt Hall. Tell all your friends, bring all your friends and feel free to participate in this event. If you have any questions , comments, or would like to participate in this event , feel free to contact Erin Ingleton at singleton@lasell.edu .



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