No more college?

By Kathleen Armstrong

The last time to register for classes is upon many Lasell seniors. It is a strange feeling knowing college is almost over and the real world is around the corner. I’m sure many fellow seniors are excited but scared at the same time. The economy is still at a standstill and jobs are not easily accessible. The best way to ensure a career is by working hard before it’s too late.

An internship is one of the best options to ensure a career for your future. You never know where an internship will lead when it’s over, because it could just be the start of something great. Finding an internship can be hard, but there are many outlets that can help you. Sites like and are great tools to get started. They are easy to navigate in order to find the job of your dreams. I suggest getting your resume and cover letter looked at by a person who will help you stand out from the rest. Standing out is the only way to fit into a potential job.

Once you find that internship work as hard as you can to show them what you’re made of. See where you want to be in that company and do whatever it takes to get a potential position. Hopefully myself and many other seniors will reach their dreams as soon as possible. Until then I wish us all luck!


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