Can Make Your Life Easier!

By Rebecca Gooch

Lasell College offers an array of different websites and tools to help students stay informed about upcoming events and general academic and college announcements. Although Lasell does use many of the more prominent social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, I believe is one of Lasell’s most effective webpages because it is always updated and has all announcements you need to keep up-to-date with events and announcements on campus.

My Lasell is a great resource for Lasers that can lead Lasers to connect with many other resources offered by Lasell. From My Lasell you can connect to your email, SelfService, the library, the shuttle schedule and Moodle to name a few.

One of the features I like most about this site can be found under student announcements. After clicking the view student announcements feature, located on My Lasell homepage, you are brought to an incredibly detailed announcement page. Here Lasell College announcements are organized by category, which audience the announcement is intended to reach and the even the date it was modified. This is a useful tool especially for those students who have a busy work and school schedule that need to keep updated with what is going on at Lasell.

From the student announcements section you can also further navigate to other important information like Lasell’s Academic Calendar or Emergency and Weather information. The links seem endless and the information provided is relevant to all students despite year or major – there is something useful to be found for all Lasers.

I truly believe this is one of Lasell’s better crafted sites. All of the information is kept updated and revised if needed. The links found here all work and is very easy to navigate. I often find myself struggling to navigate through the Lasell College Webpage for simple information. On My Lasell all the information is straight forward with a tab for each category and no drop-down categories within main categories. This helps for easy navigation.

If you have any questions about announcements, up-coming events or even want to take a look at Lasell’s directory so you can connect with staff visit for hassle free and quick navigation.


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